According to published reports, the Coral Gables Police Department is implementing a new non-lethal tool that seems like something out of a Spider-Man movie.  It’s called the BolaWrap and it literally fires a Kevlar wire that tightly wraps around the subject.

The BolaWrap™ 100 is described as “a hand-held remote restraint device that discharges an 8 foot bola style Kevlar® tether at 640 feet per second to entangle a subject at a range of 10-25 feet.”

This is an ideal tool to use with a subject that may be mentally ill or potentially wanting to harm themselves.  This product is also considered safer than a taser which can be ineffective with some people and in some cases kill someone who may have an underlying health condition.

According to the News4Jax report, the BolaWrap is being implemented in South Florida in Coral Gables, Miami Springs, and North Miami.





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