So far, more than 80 businesses have requested the racks and had them installed.
So far, more than 80 businesses have requested the racks and had them installed.

Coral Gables, the City Beautiful, is helping to promote convenience and healthy living by providing free bike racks to interested businesses. It is part of an ongoing effort by the city to promote sustainability.

“We will integrate sustainability in the places residents and employees live work and play, and provide the guidance and resources for our businesses and residents,” reads the city’s website.

The racks are stylish and they address the concerns of many residents about security. These are sturdy and secure allowing bicyclists to make a healthy and clean choice while they get around Coral Gables. So far, 86 businesses have ordered the racks and had them installed.

“This effort was initiated by the Department of Public Works to encourage people to consider using a bike to run errands and make bike riders feel secure by providing parking in front of businesses,” said Jessica A. Keller, Public Works assistant director, in an email.

The bike racks were proposed before the commission last year. Although most are located around Miracle Mile, there are other locations as well uch as the University of Miami campus and the Shops at Merrick Park. Studies have shown these locations are popular with cyclists.

Other locations include along Aragon in front of the Coral Gables Art Cinema. Along the Mile, there are spots to park the bikes.

“They’re excellent. I wish that there were more of them,” said Jose Rego who works at the California Pizza Kitchen. He is a Gables resident and bicyclist.

The racks cost $150 each to the city, but are available free to be placed in front of businesses.



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